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    adidas Stan Smith – the original, the icon

    The classic adidas Stan Smith is now one of the most sought-after and successful makes worldwide. The simple design with three stripes in the form of perforated holes dates from the 1970s. A real style classic!

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    Iconic trainers with history: adidas Stan Smith

    In 2014 the iconic adidas Stan Smith trainers re-conquered shoe shops. As early as 1965 adidas revealed what has now become an iconic piece of footwear and named it after American tennis player Stan Smith. But what not many knew back then was that this was not in fact the beginning. adidas first brought Stan Smith onto the market a year before, when it carried the name of French tennis player Robert Haillet. This much can be given away as background info.

    The adidas Stan Smith today

    Today the adidas Stan Smith can once again be seen all over the world on the streets and on sports pitches, and it makes just as good an impression now as it did then. Trainer aficionados tend to get the Stan Smith mixed up with the adidas Superstar. The soles, sides and heels are indeed the same, but in contrast to the Superstar make, the tennis shoe has a leather cap instead of a hard rubber one. The brand’s famous three stripes on the side don’t look like they usually do, but instead come in the form of three stripes of small holes perforated into the material.

    The adidas Stan Smith is a classic in white, but the adidas Stan Smith also enjoys great popularity in black. Padded for ease when putting it on, with a fabric insole and a leather and textile lining, the trainers score highly in terms of comfort. The 22 million sold by 1988 make the trainers one of the most successful shoe creations ever, and were recognised in the Guinness Book of World Records as such. That is some achievement! The conversion from a tennis shoe to an item of leisure footwear is responsible for this success.

    adidas Stan Smith – what the professionals wear

    In the 1990s hip-hop culture discovered the adidas brand. Cult group RUN DMC helped the German shoe manufacturer break into the US market with the song “My adidas”. For the label this was the successful shot across the bows in the “Street fashion” sector. This makes the adidas Stan Smith a cool companion: you can choose from special makes with different colour and material combinations to suit your individual look. Kids, for example, particularly love the green shoe with Kermit the Frog on it. The Adicolor, which came supplied with colours to paint your own shoe, was a sensation. Today the legendary design can be found once again in various rich colours. A correspondingly new feature of the special edition adidas Stan Smith Luxe is the cork sole. No matter how you wear it: these timeless trainers create an outstanding impression in the summer.

    Laid-back style: adidas Stan Smith for women

    You can find the adidas Stan Smith for women at Foot Locker in numerous different styles. With their minimalistic, timeless design the trainers still draw admiring glances today. Wear the shoes in your leisure time and at work, when you meet up with friends in the park, when you go for a cycle ride or when you go shopping in town. The adidas Stan Smith for women combines the white upper with colourful accents on the tongue and in the heel. With its casual design it’s perfect for a relaxed summer look.

    A cool look: adidas Stan Smith for men

    This classic design has a large fan base: the adidas Stan Smith for men is a popular street-style make and goes just as well as part of a sporty look with shorts in summer as it does with jeans in spring, autumn or winter. Take a closer look at the new makes with especially light, active-breathe fabric. Top tip: adidas shoes are normally fairly narrow, so if you have wider feet always go for one size up if in doubt.

    Your own personal adidas Stan Smith

    Foot Locker has a wide selection when it comes to this classic design. The adidas Stan Smith Primefit makes are perfect for summer with their active-breathe, lightweight material. You can buy the shoes at Foot Locker in all-white or all-black. There are also three new makes in red, blue and green. You only see the colours on the heel and on the logo on the tongue – the rest stays all-white or all-black. Compare the different adidas Stan Smith shoes with each other now, look for the right make for your needs and order direct from the Foot Locker online store!

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