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    A Champion's Fashion Creation

    René Lacoste was the world's number one tennis player in the 1920s before founding the French company Lacoste in 1933. The famous Lacoste logo came from the designer's nickname on the tennis courts, and perfectly represents tennis champion's determination and fighting spirit. With such an unbelievably long life in fashion, it has become the ultimate classic in sports casual wear. In the 80s the brand started making tennis shoes in addition to clothing, and their shoes soon became an iconic fashion statement that lives on to this day. The ultra-basic original design still drives the style of most tennis shoes now.

    Lacoste for Life

    Confident in their simple branding, the label doesn't do flashy. That little crocodile logo is all it takes to tell you this is Lacoste. Less is more when you have this undeniable style. The designs aim for simple elegance. For you, that translates to cool and easy-to-wear. You never look like you're trying too hard with this brand. And that's the beauty of it, you don't need to try at all. Throw on a t-shirt or hoodie with jeans or sweatpants, finish off with trainers, and you're done. The result: a casual outfit with an extra kick. The brand specialises in a laid-back yet upscale style that has more of a fashion edge than most sports clothing and footwear brands. Elevate your look beyond sportswear to the next level of class.

    The Big Hitters in Lacoste Trainers

    Lacoste designs primarily for a casual lifestyle look. Fashion is the first focus and most important factor in most of their trainer designs. The Lacoste L12.12 model has a chunkier sole for a stronger, more solid look. The crocodile logo is moved to the back side of the shoe to mix it up a little. The clean look of the Leron 118 kicks bring back that old school vibe with a classic tennis shoe design. They look just as great worn with jeans as they do with sportswear. Constructed from woven canvas, the Gard Vulc model has extra texture and a stand-out two-tone design. This look gives them a more of a skater vibe than the sleek look of the Leron 118. The Lt Dual Elite trainers are designed for sports performance with a breathable mesh upper, a heel clip for stability, and a removable in-sock. Even if you're not planning on being active, these trainers double up as an everyday pair that look good with any casual outfit. Adding a hi-top design into their collection with the Explorateur Classics, these Lacostes have a smarter look than your average trainers making them very versatile. Perfect for colder weather, they're designed to be water-resistant and have a warm lining. Lacoste trainers cover every aspect of your life.

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