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    A New Balance for Trainers

    New Balance started in the US over 100 years ago making arch supports to help shoes fit better. The first accessories they designed featured three support points which were, bizarrely, inspired by chicken's feet, as they have perfect balance. In the 60s, the brand developed the first ever ripple sole on a running shoe and moved their focus exclusively onto trainers. Technically designed to support professional runners and sportspeople, the trainers were ahead of their time. Ever since they have concentrated on sports footwear and following their motto “Born to move”.

    Trainers are Life

    New Balance loves trainers just as much as you do and they're willing to put their money where their mouth is. Unlike a lot of trainer manufacturers who move operations to developing countries for cheap labour in order to save money, New Balance has kept its production in the US and the UK. By doing this the brand differentiates itself from other brands with a commitment to ethical and high-quality manufacturing. The brand also offers some special features and accessories that sets them apart from other labels, such as gel inserts and heel counters that provide extra comfort and support, great if you're on your feet all day at work. New Balance is one of the few manufacturers that offers both narrow and wide fits to suit a wide variety of different shaped feet, so you can always find exactly what you are looking for without having to compromise.

    Unmissable New Balance Style

    If you asked them, New Balance might say that function is more important than fashion. Here at FootlockerAsiaPacific, we say you get both in equal measure. Their trainers have a laid-back style, along with the unmistakable N logo, that makes them just as easy to wear with everyday clothes as with sports gear. So while these sneakers are perfect for running, going to the gym and playing football, they're just as good for hanging around with friends. The suede 373 trainers have an old-school skater vibe making them less sporty and more suitable for everyday wear. The 574 trainers have a sturdy and powerful look, and they are available in the classic version with the exclusive ENCAP cushioning technology as well as the sport versions with a Fresh Foam midsole. Some designs are almost a cross between trainers and hiking shoes, but with a cool edge. The most popular sports models include the 996 Classics with a retro look and pure running shoe details. Most models come in both men's and women's, a variety of colour choices, and often have different style options. For example, the 247 comes in a standard low-top style as well as a hi-top style, with a super comfortable and flexible Flyknit top section. Featuring bold and unique colour schemes that would be a feature for any outfit, as well as range of neutral trainers that you could easily wear everyday, New Balance shoes offer many options to add to your collection. The use of different materials like leather, suede, Flyknit and mesh adds texture and interest to the trainers.

    New Balance Trainers at FootlockerAsiaPacific

    We have a huge selection of New Balance trainers because we know that you love seeing as many options as possible, so you can find your perfect shoes. Whether you run, workout, play sports or just want to look and feel good, New Balance will effortlessly work for you.