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    Nike React Element 55 men's shoes: a cool new take on a top seller

    One of Nike's biggest hits in recent years has been the React Element 87. Combining strong performance with fashion-forward looks, it was released in relatively small numbers and its various editions quickly became much sought after. The men's Nike Rect Element 55 is a trimmed down version aimed at a wider audience, with the same essentials but some exciting new colourways.

    Nike React Element 55 men's styles

    Like its big brother the React 87, the men's Nike React Element 55 has the trim silhouette of a lightweight running shoe. Truth be told, it's meant more for casual, off-duty use. That said, the splashes of coloured rubber applied to the sole at the heel and toe should give it plenty of durability and grip, and the general fabric choice has a rugged utility feel that might well inspire you to take it out on the road.

    Nike React Element 55 men's shoe specs

    The men's Nike React Element 55 is structurally very similar to the React 87, but the uppers are more understated, lacking the translucent fabrics that defined the earlier shoe. Exposed stitching and minimal padding give it a pared back, deconstructed look, while an asymmetrical tongue with a Nike swoosh pinwheel logo adds an aesthetic edge. The sole is soft and spongy, with a “chew toy” texture, guaranteeing the smooth ride you'd expect with React foam technology

    Looking the real deal in Nike React Element 55 men's trainers

    Ideal as part of a techwear or athleisure look, the men's Nike React Element 55 works well with neutral toned cargo trousers, dark joggers and anything with a tapered leg. If in doubt, stick with a long white sock, but extra style points are granted for finding matching colours to your shoes. On top, a hoodie and/or windbreaker should round out your outfit. 

    Why come to Foot Locker for your Nikes? 

    More Nike Element 55 men's shoes are being issued regularly in bold new colourways. To keep track, just drop by Foot Locker to see what's up. You can rely on us to source the most talked about men's Nike Element 55 models at prices that won't be bettered elsewhere.