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    A Classic Design for the Next Generation: adidas Superstar Kids

    Originally released in the 1969, the Superstar family is a classic from the adidas vault. During the 1970s, these trainers became a common sight on NBA courts, offering a nice balance of support, comfort and good looks. Now, the Superstar has received an exciting new update in the adidas Superstar Kids edition. Aimed as much at hardcore 'ballers as urban fashion fans, these low-slung trainers blend vintage style and contemporary quality in a way that kids will love.

    A Comfortable, Good-Looking Shoe for Sport and Fun

    There are plenty of reasons to buy adidas Superstar Kids trainers. For starters, they come with technical features like rubber toe caps, high-quality leather uppers and elasticated laces that are easy for young fingers to tie. Even better, adidas Superstar Kids' shoes come in a wonderfully diverse range of designs. From graphics inspired by Amazonian rainforests to iridescent stripes and brightly coloured monochromatic versions, the Superstar collection features a look to capture the attention of every child.

    Footwear for Active Kids

    With a tracksuit, adidas Superstar Kids shoes look the part,(especially adidas Trefoil designs) and basketball or tennis kits. So if your child needs something to wear on court, look no further. But the beauty of these trainers is their versatility. Dazzling stripes, vivid prints, and coloured uppers will make them fun to wear with everyday outfits. They should appeal to boys and girls alike, and there are even adidas Superstar Kids' models for pre-schoolers, for those kids taking their first steps in designer footwear. So, whatever style your child prefers, the Superstar Kids range is almost certainly a good fit.

    Pick up a Stylish Pair of adidas Superstar Kids Trainers at Foot Locker

    At Foot Locker, we always love to show off the latest adidas creations, and this Superstar update is no exception. If your child needs to upgrade their shoes, we offer the whole collection with a dizzying variety of upper designs and colours. And thanks to our regular reductions, parents will love the adidas Superstar Kids price almost as much as their kids enjoy wearing the trainers. So have a look around, browse for pre-school, infant, or junior sizes, and find a pair of shoes with real Superstar qualities.