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    Introducing Jordan Kids by Nike

    The Jordan kids clothing and footwear range by Nike has its roots in the first pair of Air Jordan trainers designed for Michael Jordan back in 1984. The Air Jordan trainer has been reinvented many times over the last three decades and remains a classic trainer choice to this day. The range is not just popular with fans of basketball, but also in streetwear fashion and creative circles, having been popularized by names such as Spike Lee and Jay Z. The Jordan Kids range includes Air Jordans and also further Kids Jordans models such as Future and Courtyard, as well as a wide range of clothing such as joggers, hoodies and tees.

    Jordan Kid: Hype Defined

    The Jordan Kids range is a premium sportswear and athleisure line. Nike Jordan is synonymous with both urban streetstyle and sporting success. Whether it's on or off-court, Jordan clothing and footwear makes a statement. Jordan Air trainers feature Nike's famous air cushioning technology, while other trainers in the range, such as the Jordan Courtyard, have been specifically designed for court sports such as basketball.

    Celebs & Nike Jordan

    Every item in the range features the iconic Jumpman Logo, a design that dates back to the first shoe, and was created in homage to Michael Jordan, the world's greatest basketball player. However, it's not just Jordan himself who has elevated this brand within a brand to the cult status it enjoys today. Air Jordans are seen on the feet of Kim K, Rita Ora, Drake, Rhianna and Jay Z. Few footwear brands have held their iconic status for as long as the Jordan Air shoes have done, with constant reinvention keeping them fresh.

    Jordan Kids: for Active, Trendy Kids

    Youngsters with a love of sports choose the brand for its comfort, durability and function, but also its timeless design. Jordan trainers and clothing remain the pinnacle of urban street style, thanks in part to the brand's long association with musicians and artists. Clothing and footwear in the range start from preschool sizes and range to sizes for teens.

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