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    Tune Up Your Kids' Footwear Collection with Nike TN Kids

    The Nike Air Tuned collection features wild decorations, chunky cushioned soles, and all of the attitude and flair that kids adore. Whether your child is already a Nike devotee, or they are just starting their adventure with classic footwear, a Nike Tuned kids design will match the irrepressible energy of youth. So let your little LeBron take their pick from this dazzling selection.

    A Visually Unforgettable, Technical Masterpiece

    When Nike Air Tuned trainers dropped in 1998, it was clear that Nike had achieved something special. Building on the already iconic Air template, designer Sean McDowell re-engineered the uppers and contoured the all-important cushion, resulting in a totally new look and feel - one that captured the colour and creativity of the 90s. Now, the Nike TN Kids range brings that era back to the fore, and it's lost none of its appeal.

    Nike Tuned Kids - Mixing Up Sporting Performance and Aesthetics

    Firstly, the Nike Tuned Kids selection is instantly recognisable due to its silhouette. The curved sole which rises like a wave under the arch of the foot, and the capsule cushion give these trainers a dynamic look and extra support for active kids. Then there are the uppers. Many feature a ribbed upper, inspired by wildly coloured tropical palm fronds, but plain tones are also available to choose. It's a combination that makes Tuned trainers a great reboot, and perfect for style-conscious kids.

    Young Athleisure Fans Can Get Creative With Nike TN Kids Shoes

    There are no rules about how to style Nike Tuned kids trainers. That's one of the beautiful things about this classic collection. Naturally, you can wear them with Nike tracksuits and hoodies, but they have their place alongside tennis or basketball kits as well. And why not wear them with denim jeans or shorts? Just let your kids be the stylist, and they will find fantastic combinations featuring Nike TN Kids trainers.

    Pick Up the Right Pair of Nike Tuned Kids at Foot Locker

    To get a feel for the diverse range of Nike Tuned Kids trainers, just scroll through Foot Locker's product catalogue. You'll find endless variations, with muted greys, vivid yellows, and the classic multicoloured ribbed designs all jostling for attention. Our listings feature all of the Tuned designs your kids could need at prices parents will love. So refresh your child's style with a pair of Tuned shoes today.