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    Introducing the AF1 for men

    The story of men's Nike Air Force 1 trainers goes back to 1982. Using the latest cushioning technology, head designer Bruce Kilgore developed a cool low top whose fabulous performance and clean-cut looks would go on to dominate America's basketball courts. It wasn't long before it was being adopted by trend-setters in hip-hop culture and name-dropped in rap songs. Never out of production for long, the Nike Air Force men's trainer has been through over 1000 variations without ever losing its core identity.

    Long-Lasting Success

    Nike Air Force men's trainers are the perfect example of a shoe that has made the transition from sport to street. Back in the day, their smooth ride lifted many a top NBA player to championship-winning glory. Decades on, they're an enduring style icon. When you lace up a pair of retro white on white AF1's, you're tapping into a rich heritage.

    A Closer Look at Nike Air Force Men's Trainers

    In their time, men's Nike Air Force 1 basketball shoes were pioneers of impact-softening materials, giving your feet a light as a feather feeling. The original low-top designs combined this high-tech underpinning with a fresh, uncluttered look. Meanwhile mid and high-top variations with Velcro strapping were introduced for those who needed that extra bit of ankle support.

    Styling Hints for the Men's Nike Air Force 1

    Nike Air Force men's sneakers are all about projecting a relaxed, casual vibe. Because they're relatively chunky, they team up best with a wide-legged pant, whether that's loose fit jeans, joggers or baggy boardshorts. To play it safe, stick with solid colours, but you can also dial it up with urban camo or seasonal prints. One final tip: your men's Nike Air Force 1's will look even better paired with crisp white socks.

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