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    Soar above the crowd with a pair of men's Nike Air Max 720 sneakers

    Every time Nike releases a new Nike Air model, the stakes rise exponentially. Customers always expect the brand to deliver outstanding features and unforgettable aesthetics. And, that's exactly what the Men's Nike Air Max 720 trainers did when they arrived in early 2019. Colourful, equipped with a huge Air pocket, and supremely comfortable, it's another triumph for the Oregon brand.

    Air Max 720 Men bridge the worlds of performance sport and urban fashion

    When they purchase a pair of Nike Air Max 720 men can expect something truly special. One look at the silhouette designed by Jesi Small and Dylan Raasch confirms that Nike has taken a huge leap into the unknown here, with a super-sized air pouch on the heel, and some of the most psychedelic colourways ever seen on mass-market trainers (as well as plenty of understated options, too). 

    Mixing a massive air unit with eye-catching colourways

    The centrepiece of the new Men's Nike Air Max 720 trainer is in the heel, where Raasch and Small have added a 38mm tall air pocket - the biggest yet. That's why, when you lace up a pair of Nike Air Max 720 for men, you will feel the ultimate in comfort. But, there are other standout features.  For instance, the cradle-style sole provides total support, while wild colourways evoke natural phenomena like volcanic lava or the Northern Lights. 

    Style men's Nike Air Max 720 with designer urban gear

    There's never been anything quite like the Men's Air Max 720, and the colours and aesthetics involved will delight guys who love to pair up designer shoes with stylish apparel. Multi-coloured Nike Air Max 720 men can be paired with Nike NSW all-over print jackets and classic Tribute pants, or let your imaginations take the lead. 

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    Foot Locker offers an easy way to browse the latest Men's Nike Air Max 720 designs, and affordable prices across the product range. Capture an 80s mood with high-top 720s, mix cool blues and whites with two-tone designs, go for translucent amber soles, or smarter brown designs to wear during commutes. If you want the ideal pair of Nike Air Max 720s, men can always turn to Foot Locker's online store - the best place to pick up today's most innovative sporting footwear.