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Promotion Terms

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Please note, the discount and promotion code are only valid during the promotion period. Cancelled and unfulfillable orders will not have the discount honoured on a future order.


Free standard delivery is available on orders RM250 or more in one transaction for delivery within Malaysia. Standard delivery rates will continue to apply to any orders less than RM250.



The raffle is managed by Foot Locker Asia Pte Ltd. (‘Foot Locker’). ‘Raffle’ refers to the end-to-end process from entry via the online platform through to delivery of the product. Foot Locker works with third parties to execute the raffle. The online raffle platform is managed by EQL and payment processing is managed by Stripe. 

Raffle overview: Entrants participate in the raffle via online platform EQL to have the opportunity to purchase the advertised product at S$RRP in the entrant’s selected size. Winning entrants’ payment is processed via online payment tool Stripe. The winning entrants will be sent the product to the address provided in the entry, once payments have been processed.

This raffle is not a competition to win free product. Entry into the raffle does not guarantee securing the product.

Winning entrants are randomly selected, and all entries are vetted for fairness: the online raffle platform is designed to stop fraudulent activity, duplicate orders or bot technology. 

The raffle submission period: Raffle entries are open for a select window of time. This time window is specified by Foot Locker for each EQL launch in some or all of these channels: social media, website, EQL raffle landing page which is linked to from Foot Locker Singapore and Malaysia's Instagram bio link. 

Entering the raffle via EQL: The raffle can only be entered online via EQL. Entries are not accepted in-store or via other channels.  

The entrant must provide their correct details upon entering: email address, mobile phone number, full legal name as per valid ID (driver's licence or passport), payment details, billing address and shoe size.  

Although the entrant must supply a payment method upon entry, their payment method will not be charged unless they are selected as a winning entrant. 

Only one entry is allowed per person, per payment method and per billing address. Entrants must be aged thirteen or over.  

Foot Locker and the contracted third parties noted above take no responsibility if any of the entrant’s required details are incorrect. 

Foot Locker takes no responsibility if customers are unable to successfully enter the raffle or fails the security and payment verification steps. 

The Foot Locker Customer Service team and store staff are unable to offer support with EQL. 

Cancelling raffle entry: Entrants can cancel their order only during the open raffle period and via the EQL launch page. The entrant must follow the ‘Cancel my Entry’ prompt. Further details are available on the EQL FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions (

The Foot Locker Customer Service team and Foot Locker store staff are not able to cancel entries. 

Confirmation of entry into draw: If the entrant’s raffle entry has been successfully entered into the draw, they will receive SMS and email confirmation. 

Foot Locker takes no responsibility if the entrants’ email provider blocks the email or filters the email to the entrant’s Junk folder. 

Winning entrants: Once the winning entrants are selected, the winning entrants will receive an SMS and email confirmation including the entrant's requested size, billing address, payment method, and that payment is being processed.  

Verified winning entries are binding. Once an entry is confirmed, withdrawal by the entrant is not permitted.  

The winning entrants will be sent the product to the address provided in the entry, once payments have been processed. Products cannot be picked from Foot Locker stores.

Payment: Payment is processed as soon as winning entrants are selected. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure the correct funds are available in their account.  

Rejected orders: Foot Locker and EQL reserve the right to reject entries or refuse pick-up of orders if incongruent, fraudulent or suspicious details or actions are identified or inferred. Duplicates entries will be disqualified, including entries where different sizes have been selected. This decision is at the absolute discretion of Foot Locker and EQL and no correspondence will be entered into. Entrants whose entries are rejected will not receive correspondence confirming so.  

Refund times are dependent on the winning entrants’ bank processing times and can take up to 5 to 10 business days.  

Returns: Foot Locker’s usual return policy applies. Due to the extremely limited nature of the product, Foot Locker cannot guarantee product can be replaced if found to be faulty.

Data & Privacy: Foot Locker takes customer data seriously. By entering the raffle, the entrant will receive SMS’ and emails communication only regarding the raffle. The entrants will not be contacted for marketing purposes by Foot Locker or its third parties.  Refer to the Foot Locker Privacy Policy here.  

EQL and Stripe are trusted partners of Foot Locker.  EQL uses various security protocols to ensure entrants’ information is safe and secure. Refer to the EQL Privacy Policy here. See the EQL User Terms and Conditions here.  

Payment processing services for orders are provided by Stripe and subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service and Stripe Privacy Policy.  

By placing an order and using Stripe to process payments, the entrant agrees to be bound by the Stripe Services Agreement and consent to Stripe's use of the entrant’s information, which may be modified by Stripe from time to time. As a condition of enabling payment processing services through Stripe, the entrant agrees to provide Stripe with accurate and complete information, and the entrant authorises Stripe to share it and transaction information related to the entrant’s use of the payment processing services provided by Stripe.